Below is a list of the questions which appear on the application form. You may use this list to prepare your answers ahead of time, or simply start the application form. All of your answers will need to be entered on the official online form– this is just a list to assist you in preparing your answers.

How/Where did you learn about In Cahoots Residency?
(limit 20 words)

Please introduce yourself in one paragraph.
(limit 150 words)

Please describe your creative practice.
What concepts, inquiry, processes drive your work?
(limit 500 words)

Why would you be an ideal candidate for a CBAA scholarship at In Cahoots? Please include why our residency is a good fit for you and your work. Describe your financial need and/or artistic merit as evidenced by awards, degrees, professional accomplishments, exhibitions, etc.
(limit 500 words)

How will receiving a residency grant at In Cahoots aid in the growth and the development of your artwork?
(limit 250 words)

Please describe your specific project for this residency? Please describe the medium, scale and techniques that you will use.
(limit 200 words)

In Cahoots Residency fosters a collaborative environment.
Although you will have your own table to work at, the tools, spaces and equipment are shared.
Are you ok with this?

Will you need instruction in particular printmaking or book arts processes during your residency? Please explain. This instruction is not provided within the scholarship, but can be purchased as follows: Mentorship 50/hour, and instruction 75/hour. (limit 50 words)

Please describe your experience with the art techniques you propose to use while at In Cahoots and the related tools and equipment that you have used. (limit 200 words)

Please provide 3 references: Name, title and institution/company, phone, email and relationship to you. Please alert your references that In Cahoots may be contacting them.