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Come to In Cahoots Residency for our pastoral location, light-filled studios, and collaborative spirit, and find a renewed passion for your work.


In Cahoots Residency provides housing and studio space to both emerging and professional artists in a variety of mediums, with a focus on artists books, letterpress, printmaking, writing, and collaboration. The residency hosts from three to five artists at a time for sessions ranging from one to two weeks long. Residents are provided private individual guest houses (with kitchens and full bathrooms) and 24-hour access to the spacious shared studios or the individual writing studio. Residents do their own cooking. For those without a car, rides to the grocery store/supply store and weekly group field trips (to places such as Sonoma or the Pacific coast) are provided free of charge.

Artists are expected to pursue creative projects or research while at In Cahoots. For those who desire technical instruction or creative mentorship, demonstrations and mentorship meetings are available for an additional fee. See Options. Every session ends with a work-share: a chance for dialog and sharing works in progress with fellow residents. Artists are required to donate one piece of artwork for the In Cahoots Residency Archive, to be displayed in rotation on the collective wall. This piece need not be a major work, but should represent you and your time at In Cahoots.

The spacious printmaking and book arts studios are in a renovated barn, with modern conveniences and historic charm. There is wi-fi in the housing and the studio and good cell service throughout the property. The letterpress studio, located in the former horse barn, is fully equipped with a Vandercook Universal I, a Vandercook Universal III automated press, and a large collection of lead and wood type of a variety of sizes. The printmaking studio, with northern light and exposed beams overhead, houses a Takach 40 x 72 etching press, a Conrad 36 x 54 etching press, a Whelan 23” x 49" etching press, vertical etching tank, large paper soaking tray, utility sink, drying rack, and work tables. The separate book bindery includes large work tables, Jacques board shear, Challenge guillotine paper cutter, drymount press, Kwikprint foil stamp press, and two nipping presses. Basic supplies such as solvents, rags, brayers, and newsprint are provided. Artists should bring their own plates and paper, and can opt to bring their own inks or pay a small fee to use the studio inks.

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As an additional option, artists may choose to come for a collaborative residency session. For these sessions, artists are encouraged to sign up in pairs or small groups to work together, to combine disciplines and voices, to be engaged in creative conversations. Macy has 20 years of experience with collaborations and is available for consultation on the collaborative process. Occasionally, artists are invited to the residency for specific collaborative projects.

Equipment we have on site

  • Vandercook Universal 1 letterpress (15 x 21 press bed)
  • Vandercook Universal 3 letterpress, automated, adjustable bed (18 x 24 press bed)
  • Takach 4072 etching press (40 x 72 press bed)
  • Conrad etching press (36 x 54 press bed)
  • Griffin etching press (32 x 52 press bed)
  • Jacques board shear, 42 inch blade
  • Challenge guillotine cutter, 26 inch blade
  • Kutrimmer, 23 inch blade
  • Kwikprint foil stamper
  • 30 drawers of wood type, various sizes
  • 150 drawers of lead type
  • Magnetic bases for polymer plates
  • Pressure print blocks up to 18 x 24
  • Furniture, composing sticks, galley trays, leading, spacing, pica rulers, etc. for letterpress
  • Drymount press 18 x 23, and tacking iron
  • Nipping press 12 x 16
  • Brayers- selection of 2 inch, 4 inch, 6 inch, 12 inch, 13.5 inch
  • Ferric chloride in horizontal tray
  • Airbrush aquatint with non-toxic Zea Mays solution
  • Steel hotplate with electric burners underneath
  • Hand tools, cutting matts, newsprint, rags, non-toxic solvents
  • Tear bar


The 3 guest cottages are each one-bedroom with one or two beds. Each house can accommodate one artist or two friends who sign up together. The accommodations are charming and private with towels and linens provided for your stay. A washer/dryer is on the premises.

Each cottage has a small kitchen stocked with basic cooking equipment, silverware, dishes and glasses, as well as basic spices. Residents do their own cooking. Weekly rides to the grocery store are available to those without access to a car.

Each of the guest cottages has its own personality as described below.


All residencies include studio and housing
Grants are available.

  1 Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks
Independent Artist- individual cottage $950/$810 students $1600/$1360 students $2350/$2000 students
Sleeping Cottage (May-October)* $715 $1200 $1765


* May-October, accomodations in the sleeping cottages are 25% off the regular residency prices.
The sleeping cottage is our form of glamping, a private cottage with a short walk to a shared kitchen and restroom.

Mentorship and Instruction Options

All residencies include individual (or collaborative) work time with the support of In Cahoots staff for brief questions or equipment demos.
Mentorship and Instruction are available a la carte as requested. Mentorship hours may be purchased for $75/hour, or Private instruction may be purchased for $90/hour.