Grant Recipients



In Cahoots Residency is proud to award more than 20 residency grants a year to talented artists and writers.

This page celebrates our past grant recipients.

We are able to offer full and partial residency grants thanks to generous donors, supporters, and partner organizations, as well as our Auctions and Grant Fundraising Events (and the donating artists and buyers!) Our next Fundraising Auction which will take place on March 16, 2024

To help us reach our fundraising goal for supporting artists in 2024, please donate here.



2023 Grant Winners

Karen 1Karen 2
Preeti 1Preeti 2
Lucy 1Lucy 2
Emma 1Emma 2
"A printing studio just steps away from a cozy cabin surrounded by like-minded artists, peaceful nature, and loving animals!"
- Mei Lam So
Amanda Gray 1Amanda Gray 2
Olivia 1Olivia 2
Liz 1Liz 2
Becca 1Becca 2