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Donations are gladly accepted in any amount- we are so grateful for our supporters!

Auction Fundraiser- Donate a print to our next auction in 2024! All proceeds will benefit our grant program. Contact Macy at for more information.

Grant Program- In Cahoots Residency accepts monetary donations of any amount for the grant program. These donations are expressly allocated to fund the residencies of artists for whom a residency would be out of reach financially. We award 20 grants (both partial and full grants) annually thanks to donations like yours.

Grants for Artists of Color- We are seeking matching funds for a 1000 dollar pledge from an anonymous donor to support resident artists of color- any amount helps!

Fellowships- We support and encourage named fellowships.

Project Donations- Contributions to this fund support ongoing work and special projects at the residency.

The Wish list- In Cahoots Residency gladly accepts donations of equipment for items on our wish list.

To donate, please use the buttons below or email the director, Macy Chadwick, at Venmo donations: @Macy-Chadwick

In Cahoots Residency accepts monetary donations for the grant program or donations of equipment on our wish list. Donations towards a partial grant are accepted in any amount. Full grant amounts: 900 dollars funds the cost of one artist in residence for 1-week at In Cahoots, 1500 for 2 weeks, or 2200 for 3 weeks. Help us to support a talented artist today!

We also encourage named fellowships- Do you have a loved one whom you would like to honor with a named fellowship? We will allocate your funds to a residency grant for an artist applying for our grant program. You can even join the jury to select the artist if you wish. Contact us for details!
Wish list:
  • Boxcar bases of any size
  • Hotplate for etching
  • Wood type
  • New large drying rack for etching
  • Studio materials such as book cloth, newsprint, and clean sheets of printmaking paper